Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Week!

Hello again! Our assignment for Tech for ed this week was to post about our previous week in regards to our education classes and what we have been doing.  The one education class that I am in from BC3 is Children's Environment.  The past few weeks we have been learning about how prenatal actions taken by a mother can affect a child for the rest of there lives.  To me, this topic is very interesting but also sad at the same time just thinking how every decision we make affects children so drastically. In that same education course, we are planning our field placements for this upcoming fall semester.  I am super excited to do field and finally get the chance to make relationships and teach children.  In the Edinboro education course, we are working on presenting a calender time that is geared toward lower elementary schools to our class.  It is challenging but we have a great group so we always make it fun!  Thanks for reading!  I'll keep you posted on how my road to being a teacher is progressing everyday.

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  1. This post was really interesting! I loved your calendar time! I always like learning about what Elementary Education majors do since I am going in to Secondary Education.